Industries Served


Semi-Conductor Processing Equipment
Seelye Craftsmen Co. has 10 plus years experience serving this industry. We understand the requirements and specifications needed to satisfy the end user. Clean parts, tight tolerances, short lead times and uniform finishes are commonplace when serving this industry.

NSF – Food Equipment
Seelye Craftsmen Co. has been manufacturing Food Equipment since the 1970′s. We have designed and fabricated custom equipment and production parts for various restaurants and restaurant chains. Our engineering staff has completed NSF training, and we currently list a number of products with the NSF registry.

Machine Builders
Seelye Craftsmen Co.  is a diverse manufacturer of various metals and types of parts.  Large tube frames to small sheet metal brackets, Stainless, mild steel or aluminum, they all fit our capabilities.

Seelye Craftsmen Co. understands the consistency needed in the Medical market. Our Quality Management System is designed to meet this promote and demand this consistency in the all the parts we manufacture.

Our wide range of capabilities, from laser cutting and machining, to forming and welding make us a good source for the uniqueness of the Display industry. Our on staff engineers are a great source to assist with your project.

Clean Room
Requirements for this industry parallel those of the Semi-Conductor Processing Equipment industry, see above.  And just like our Semi-Conductor business, we aim to please in our Clean Room services.

Counter tops with sinks, tables, or cabinets, we have done it all.  Our staff is creative and diligent and will work with you to create a space you love.


Aerospace Industry

We would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about any not the above industries or others not listed. Give us a call!