Machine builders

Machine builders and their metal fabrication needs come in many forms. Some may require stainless steel machinery parts like tubes or cabinets. Others may only require assistance with brackets, panels, or other easy-to-fabricate items. Some require hot rolled steel machinery parts while others need cold rolled steel machinery parts. Whatever size, shape, or quantity needed, a good place to start is with Seelye Craftsmen Co.

Versatility You Can Count On

There are endless types of machines to build, so it takes skilled metalworkers to create products that meet specific needs. Whatever your machine application, we can construct something that gets the job done efficiently and reliably. Our team has the ability to take your custom specifications and create a machining solution that enhances your productivity.

Our Machine Building Process

A wide range of components can go into a machine, and just one troublesome part can cause the entire machine to fail. Our skilled craftsmen take a detail-oriented approach to machine construction, which may involve one or several of the following services:

– Frame welding
– Part machining
– Mechanical assembly
– Quality control testing
– Any additional requested metalworking

A Superior Level of Service

From the time you speak with a Seelye Craftsmen consultant, we will take your project to heart. We only fabricate parts that we’d be happy to use ourselves, so you can expect a high level of precision with every part we manufacture. We never sacrifice production quality for speed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait around to get the metal components you need. Our steel fabricators in Minnesota work efficiently to expedite your metal fabrication, so you can meet your production goals without costly delays.

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