Semiconductor Processing Equipment

Seelye Craftsmen Co. has 10+ years of experience serving this industry. We are semiconductor processor manufacturers who understand the requirements and specifications needed to satisfy the end user. Clean parts, tight tolerances, short lead times and uniform finishes are commonplace when serving this industry.

Meeting tough Quality Standards

Seelye’s QA department is well-equipped to meet the tight standards of this market. From capturing data to sharing metrics with our customers, we consistently prove our processes are more than capable of meeting customer requirements.

Reach Your Production Potential

Manufacturing semiconductor processing parts that meet our customers’ standards requires exceptional precision. There is no room for error when creating products such as silicon wafers, so it’s crucial to choose metal fabricators who understand the importance of tight tolerances. Our metal fabrication techniques allow you to produce semiconductor processing equipment that meets tough industry standards.

Build Something Better

If you ever have any questions about our metal fabrication processes, don’t hesitate to speak with our team. We take pride in our transparency and believe that in order to build quality semiconductor fabrication parts, it takes a thorough understanding of your unique needs. We want to know about your production goals in order to assist you in building a tool that makes a difference for your business.

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