Welding & Finishing

Seelye Craftsmen Co.’s welding and finishing departments are equipped to meet your print specifications. Our operators are skilled in the welding and finishing of stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. We are experienced in: MIG & TIG welding, spot welding, stud welding, straight-lining, grinding and finishing. Our glass beading certifications include: AWSD1.6 Stainless, AWSD 1.1 Mild Steel and AWSD1.2 Aluminum.

Costa Finishing

Recently, Seelye Craftsmen Co. invested in its first Costa Finishing machine. Not only does this equipment deburr the part, it can straight line and add a scotch brite finish all in one pass. Deburring, straight-lining, scotch brite finishing were all previously manual operations. The Costa can automate all of these operations, driving down time and expense, and helping Seelye and our customers stay competitive.